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10.09.2013 // Wojciech Pacuła


Frederic Chopin – The Complete Nocturnes wyk. Gergely Bogány

Stockfisch Records SFR 357.4051.2-1/2 (SACD/CD)

b_180_0_16777215_10_images_content_boulevard_13-09-10_sommer_B.jpgThe second album I love, is a double CD/SACD released by Stockfisch-Records (sfr 357.4051.2-1/2) in 2008 (Ed. Note: we reviewed it HERE). The music is always able to calm me down whenever I want to relax. Gergely Bogányi plays The Complete Nocturnes of Frédéric Chopin, which are 21 pieces. The recording was made by Hans-Jörg Maucksch at Pauler Acoustics. On one hand, I enjoy the emotional playing of the 34 year old Hungarian artist. On the other hand, I like the sound of the instrument he is playing: a Fazioli F 308 grand piano with a length of 3.08 meters and a very rich sound. Even if Mr. Bogány is playing over 112 minutes on the Fazioli, time passes like in a dream and Chopin´s music is always greatly touching to me.
Recommended by Wolfgang Kemper

Verdi – Aida wyk. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Karajan

Decca Set SXL2167/69 (LP)

b_180_0_16777215_10_images_content_boulevard_13-09-10_sommer_C.jpgThis was the first stereo recording of Aida, produced by the famous John Culshaw from the DECCA team. Recorded in 1959! This record is a truly spectacular sonic experience with exceptional dynamics. The brass sections is especially a hardcore test for your equipment. It is a wonderful recording of the singers as well. It is important to find an example with the ZAL stamp, which means original pressing. After the ZAL stamp, you can find another letter, which stands for the cutting engineer. In my edition it is a “G“, which stands for Theodore Burkett.
Recommended by Jürgen Saile

Charles Lloyd – Sangam

ECM 1976 (CD)

b_180_0_16777215_10_images_content_boulevard_13-09-10_sommer_D.jpgLive recording at the Lobero Theater, Santa Barbara. Only three musicians on stage, Lloyd playing different instruments, from tenor saxophone to tarogato. Accompanied by Zakir Hussein, an indian tabla player and his resourceful drummer Eric Harland. Percussion instruments are not only recorded with explosive dynamics, but also with all the subtleties which these instruments are capable of. It is a very good CD for testing Pace, Rhythm and Timing, „PRaT“. The acoustics of the recording location and the audience are equally well reproduced.
Recommended by Jürgen Saile

Grace Jones – Slave To The Rhythm

ZTT/Manhattan Records/Island Records (LP)

b_180_0_16777215_10_images_content_boulevard_13-09-10_sommer_E.jpgOriginally planned as the follow-up to Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Relax, the seventh studio album by Grace Jones is a creative highlight of Trevor Horn’s productions in the mid 80's, if not his most creative one. Although this concept album, which features seven wildly different interpretations of the title track Slave to the Rhythm, polarized US and European media – comments ranging from “genius” to “extremely childish” were mentioned – it became a huge commercial success in 1984. It can not really be considered an audiophile recording, in the way most people define audiophile quality today, but it is truly audiophile as a fun record to listen to: with amazing recording effects and truly unique fireworks of musical ideas!
Recommended by Amré Ibrahim

Jonathan Wilson – Gentle Spirit

Bella Union/PIAS/Rough Trade (LP)

b_180_0_16777215_10_images_content_boulevard_13-09-10_sommer_F.jpgAlthough it was highly critically acclaimed and had a lot of popular supporters including Elvis Costello, Jackson Browne, Erykah Badu and Robbie Robertson, Jonathan Wilson’s debut album failed to reach commercial success in 2011. The intelligent and psychedelically-influenced folk songs transport an organic intensity that can only be described as deeply touching. To catch the spirit of the recording process, which by the way took a couple of years, Jonathan Wilson decided to record the album on analogue tape. A wise decision: The double LP version of Gentle Spirit sweet-talks the ears and seems to be made for pure listening pleasure with tube amps and full range speakers. Absolutely gorgeous – in every way!
Recommended by Amré Ibrahim

Penelope Houston – The Whole World

Heyday Records/Heyday (LP)

b_180_0_16777215_10_images_content_boulevard_13-09-10_sommer_G.jpgThe second solo album from the former singer of the Avengers is one of my favorite folk-rock records. The rage of the older punk days is still there, but the cynical lyrics are embedded in a harmoniously melodic sound now. There is still much energy and passion in Penelope's voice, that most of the other female singer/songwriters of this time pale in comparison. No, I'm not talking about Joni Mitchell or Rickie Lee Jones. The album's sound, especially in the slow parts with lower levels, is exceptionally good and surprisingly pure high-end, even if this may not have been the original intention during production. A gripping and clear transparent tone makes the session absolutely adorable. Qualities of Mercy, Father's Day or Behind your Eyes are nice tracks forany listening session when doing a high-end review.
Recommended by Matthias Jung

ElbtonalPercussion – In Concert

Dude/Indigo (CD/DVD)

b_180_0_16777215_10_images_content_boulevard_13-09-10_sommer_H.jpgLets mix! Four drummers, any kind of percussion and additional marimbas in a crossover from modern classical via free jazz to trance and pop up to traditional arrangements. This is ElbtonalPercussion from Hamburg with their live recording from 2010. They only play percussion instruments, but with such technical brilliance and precision in such a way that you'll never miss any “normal” instruments. This sounds academic and maybe boring to you? No way: These four guys interact with so much groove and fun, you won't believe it until you hear it. The CD's sound is direct: Vibraphone, cajon, djembe, timbale, Thai gong, and shime-daikos will take your equipment to the limit and beyond. When three people with six sticks on nine tom-toms let you imagine three helicopters starting their engines, letting them warm up, getting their rotors turning, lifting off and disappearing up in the air, you'll totally forget about the existence of your hifi system. What's left? The pure pleasure of rhythm and pace.
Recommended by Matthias Jung

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