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MSB Technology The M500 Mono Amplifier

10.02.2021 // Dirk Sommer

Instead of completely disassembling the power amplifier, for once we will use a manufacturer's photo in lower resolution
Instead of completely disassembling the power amplifier, for once we will use a manufacturer's photo in lower resolution

Before Helmut Baumgartner and I start moving the M500s from my listening room to the photo studio, we briefly listen to the fourth movement of the Symphonie Fantastique with the Utah Symphony conducted by Varujan Kojian. I've probably never heard this Reference Recording copy so open and airy: Already during the first few seconds, the enormous spatial depth is impressive, despite the volume is at a very low level here, while the explosive dynamics add highlights to the exceptionally transparent sonic image. The kettledrums towards the end of the piece evolve exceptionally fast, controlled and yet extremely powerful. No other amplifier that I came across so far has managed to master this very demanding piece so sovereignly. Helmut Baumgartner found even more prosaic words for it: "I've never heard such musical power amplifiers with so much power." This is a conclusion I fully share.


Abundance of power, like it or not: MSB Technology's The M500 Mono Amplifiers are the best amps I have ever heard breathing life into the Goebel speakers in my listening room. These power amps make dreams come true!
Listened with
Turntable Brinkmann LaGrange with tube power supply
Tonearm Thales Simplicity II, Einstein The Tonearme 12“
Cartridges Transrotor Tamino, Lyra Olympos SL
Phono preamp Einstein The Turntable's Choice (balanced)
NAS Melco N1Z/2EX-H60, WDMyCloud
Streaming bridge Auralic G2.1
Up-sampler Chord Electronics Hugo M-Scaler with Poweradd or Ferrum Hypsos
D/A converter Chord Electronics DAVE with linear power supply, MSB Technology The Reference DAC
LAN switch SOtM sNH-10G i with Keces P8, Ansuz PowerSwitch D-TC Supreme
10 MHz clock SOtM sCLK-OCX10 with Keces P8
Pre amp Einstein The Preamp
Power amp Einstein The Poweramp
Loudspeaker Goebel Epoque Aeon Fine
Cables Goebel High End Lacorde Statement, Audioquest Dragon HC, Tornado (HC) and NRG-Z3, Dragon Bi-Wiring, Swiss Cables, SOtM dCBL-BNC, Ansuz Digitalz D-TC Supreme and Mainz D2
Accessories AHP sound module IV G, Audioquest Niagara 5000 and 1200, Synergistic Research Active Ground Block SE, HMS wall sockets, Blockaudio C-Lock Lite, Acapella bases, Acoustic System Feet and Resonators, Artesania Audio Exoteryc, SSC Big Magic Base, finite elemente Carbofibre° HD, Harmonix Room Tuning Disks, Audio Exklusiv Silentplugs, Ansuz Darkz D-TC Supreme adjustable, Arya Audio Revopods, 10Gtec media converter (2x) with Keces P3 and SBooster BOTW P&P Eco MKII, Singlemode Duplex optical fibre cable
Manufacturer's specifications
MSB Technology The M500 Mono Amplifier
Power consumption 150W (idle), less than 2W (standby)
Input 1 x XLR
Output 2 pairs of speaker terminals
Gain 16,4dB (low gain, 75Ω input impedance)
22,4dB (medium gain, 75Ω input impedance)
28,4dB (high gain, 75Ω input impedance)
Power rating 1000W at lower than 1% harmonic distortion (4Ω)
500W at lower than 1% harmonic distortion (8Ω)
Frequency response ±0,025dB (20Hz to 20kHz)
Signal-to-noise ratio >136dB, >140 dBA( 20Hz to 22kHz)
Inherent noise 0,5μV at a bandwith of 22kHz
Input impedance 75Ω / 300Ω / 1,2kΩ selectable
Output impedance 0,07Ω (20Hz to 20kHz)
Mains voltage 100V or 105-130V/210-260V
Mains fuse 15A/250V slow
Controls Gain switch, Input impedance switch, Start-up delay switch for 12 Volt trigger, On/Off switch, Standby switch, Display brightness control
Dimensions (W/H/D) 381/267/590mm
Weight 61,25Kg
Scope of delivery Instructions manual, IEC C19 mains power cable, rubber feet with M6x1 threaded rod
Price 140,000 euros
Address Austrasse 9
73575 Leinzell
Phone +49 (0) 7175 909032
Email hifi2die4@gmx.de
Web www.hifi2die4.de

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