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Ansuz Acoustics PowerSwitch D-TC Supreme

25.09.2020 // Dirk Sommer

Not that hifistatement is evolving into a specialist magazine for audiophile LAN switches, but since Roland Dietl and I experienced the improvements in sound that are accessible with it, this topic hasn’t vanished from our minds. At a trade fair in Stuttgart I discovered the Ansuz switch, which, as far as I know, marks the end of the line – at least in terms of price.

To my shame, I have to admit that although I had come across the name of the manufacturer quite frequently at trade fairs, I didn’t know who was running the company or what distinguished their products from others. Yes, mea culpa: New cable manufacturers appearing on the market usually aren’t very intriguing to me, but when it comes to network switches, things though look quite different. Morten Thyrrested, who represented Ansuz Acoustics at the South German HiFi Days in Stuttgart and is the responsible person for demo activities, sales and customer support, kindly offered me a PowerSwitch D-TC Supreme for a review. Before I accepted, however, I wanted to make up for lost ground and visited the website of the Danish cable specialists: To my surprise, I came across Lars Kristensen there. If my memory serves me right, I got to know him back in 1998 and then met him subsequently again at various trade fairs in Europe and the USA. I happily remember not only his impressive demos of renowned high-end cables, where he didn’t shrink to demonstrate anything but economically priced wiring in audio systems, whose total cost prices fell short of those of the cables, but also the one or other boozy evening spent together.

The housing of the PowerSwitch D-TC Supreme has been milled from a solid block, the top side is adorned with embossed leather
The housing of the PowerSwitch D-TC Supreme has been milled from a solid block, the top side is adorned with embossed leather

Lars Christensen later left the American cable specialists, but remained active in the scene, so that we met each other from time to time at the one or other trade show. And now the company, in which he has a major shareholding, is producing not only elaborate high-end cables but also four LAN switches of different quality levels, whose top model, according to Morten Thyrrested, has never been reviewed anywhere before – yet another reason to take a closer look at the PowerSwitch D-TC Supreme.

Lars Kristensen and Michael Børresen founded Ansuz Acoustics a few years ago together with two other partners. By the way, Ansuz is the fourth character in the Runic Alphabet and is supposed to be a symbol for Odin, among other things. In the company's catalogue, the two founders mention the history and working methods: "Built around their vast experience and know-how from the high-end field, the company has grown fast, and very quickly Ansuz Acoustics could introduce a range of resonance controls and high-end cables to the market. ... Developing the Ansuz cables and accessories is based on researching and developing new technologies. This process takes days and months of testing, of trial and error to identify how we can best combine and further advance so far well-known scientifically documented principles. ... And if an idea does not prove right, we trash it, rethink and start again, trying to utilize what we have learned in a new approach. We believe that this is the way great results and innovative ideas have been created through time." However, the two main shareholders do not claim their success for themselves alone, but point out that their professional and qualified employees play a major role in this process. Their innovative and aesthetic way of thinking is very much influenced by the specific Danish culture.

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