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Finite Elemente Pagode Edition MKII

02.12.2020 // Wolfgang Kemper

Finite Elemente has developed a new Pagode equipment stand. It is essentially similar to the well-known Pagode. But, there is serious innovation. The new generation should bring clear advantages in terms of sonic performance. So the manufacturer's offer to compare the proven with the new one was very much tempting.

First, let me address your attention to the photos in this review: Unfortunately due to obvious reasons, it is currently not possible to have the Pagode transported as planned to carry out our own photo shooting. Therefore you will find images and graphics provided by Finite Elemente. The rack system tested here differs in several aspects from the photos, as you will certainly notice when reading and viewing them.

Here you can see a Pagode Edition MKII. The Edition version differs from the Master Reference MK II in the profiling of the wooden frames and the cladding of the two T-beams with wood
Here you can see a Pagode Edition MKII. The Edition version differs from the Master Reference MK II in the profiling of the wooden frames and the cladding of the two T-beams with wood

If you ask the question about a high-quality rack or an equipment support for audio components, then the Finite Elemente Pagode should instantly come to mind for anyone within the audio scene. Like no other, Finite Elemente has established this product line worldwide as a state-of-the-art system. Even way back then, the Pagode was a costly affair. As a used unit, these racks rate among the easiest to sell audio components today. Because they are sought after, getting then affordable even for the less well-off. Anyone who owned a Finite Elemente Pagode did not need to worry about the placement of their equipment – until today. In fact, other fathers too have beautiful daughters, and there are also alternatives that provide a neat sound. But, to locate these and then compare them acoustically is a difficult task to perform. The Finite Elemente is a pleasingly different matter, because Pagode is well positioned in the specialist trade. After Finite Elemente hasn’t produced and delivered for a while, they have been happy about their regained market presence for a good two years now, as Werner Möhring, one of the co-owners of the Finite Elemente Köpf Möhring GbR told me with some contentment. Luis Fernandes, who once brought Finite Elemente to life, is also in charge of the new company. It is his ideas and experiences, his search for new materials and improvements in detail that are the reason for the change within the Pagode generations. The old Pagode was so good that its basic concept is also to be found in the new, current Pagode MKII.

New on the MK II are the stainless steel cones with integrated floor protection plate
New on the MK II are the stainless steel cones with integrated floor protection plate

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