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Finite Elemente Pagode Edition MKII

02.12.2020 // Wolfgang Kemper

The Pagode is a lightweight concept, even if the massive looking wooden frames of the component levels would suggest something different. As before, this frame wood still consists of seasoned Canadian maple. Luis Fernandes identified this wood at the time as the one that retains its dimensional stability for decades while offering very good acoustic properties. Since this wood grows slowly due to the weather conditions in Canada, it has a high density and strength. It is not too soft and does not over-dampen. Tones are held and swing out for a long time. On the other hand it is not brittle or even prone to cracking. That's why it is often used in modern instrument making, such as electric guitars and electric basses.

Canadian maple is exclusively used in all Finite Elemente racks, no matter in which version, colour or size a Pagode is ordered. Each Pagode MKII is a handcrafted, custom-made item according to the customer's order. In addition to three different heights and three widths, there are seven standard colour variations for the wood available. Further variables are the finish of the side pillars, alternative Cerabase feet instead of the cones with integrated plate as well as the heavy-duty version with reinforced top level. The new Edition MKII features a large aluminum insert in the base frame carrying the model designation and the clear indication: „Made in Germany“. As this is appreciated especially by international customers, this also contributes a bit to successful sales. Each rack consists of 97 percent individually manufactured parts and only three percent of standard parts such as screws or connecting bolts. All individual parts are custom-made according to prescribed specifications mainly by regional suppliers in the vicinity of the company’s headquarters. Even the original Pagode gained its quality through the intelligent design in conjunction with the resonator technology. Thus a Pagode can always be considered as an acoustically tuned unit, as the individual component levels are consolidated to the whole by means of different resonators. The position of each level is thus predetermined. Nevertheless, a level may be positioned differently in height at the specified mounting points if different clearances between the levels are required when changing components. However, it is counterproductive to the sound and it should therefore be avoided to interchange levels. Each level is labelled, so that, even if the unit undergoes a complete dismantling, a perfect rebuild would be possible at any time.

As with the original Pagode, the levels of the MK II are tensioned in between the T-shaped pillars with four stainless steel spikes on each side
As with the original Pagode, the levels of the MK II are tensioned in between the T-shaped pillars with four stainless steel spikes on each side

The Pagode to be reviewed is an 85 centimeter high 600 Edition MKII with four levels. The Canadian maple is stained in walnut colour finished with clear matte varnish. The aluminum pillars, which are cladded with the same type of wood for reasons of resonance damping, are high-gloss polished. It comes with solid stainless steel cones as feet, which in the MKII version feature an integrated floor protection plate. This prevents the cone from sinking into the carpet and causing the rack system to loose its horizontal levelling or getting instable. With the old Pagode the plate had to be placed separately under the more simple looking spikes, and could also lose contact when being moved. If you were unlucky, the spike then most likely scratched the sensitive floor. This risk is now virtually eliminated with the integrated plate.

For testing, I got two externally identical looking Pagode stands, namely one from the old series and a new MKII type. The different floor spikes revealed the respective generation, as did the high-polished aluminum parts on the new one. This optical refinement implies a surcharge of 960 euros for the tested MKII. Luis Fernandes showed me a video on his smartphone, on which I was able to witness the polishing process in a specialized workshop. I really admired how much skill and obvious experience the company's staff had in carrying out the polishing process. An enormous amount of aptitude is required to make the aluminum shine flawlessly. Fernandes and Möhring personally delivered the two racks to me, balanced them out via the height-adjustable spikes respectively cones, and were also present during the first extensive listening tests. That was helpful, because we moved the Soul music source and the two Air Tight mono power amps from one rack to the other during the listening process. The power amplifiers are no lightweights, so care was required to avoid scratching the surfaces.

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