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Keces Sphono and Spower

06.03.2020 // Dirk Sommer

It’s obvious that I have to follow up with the lack of spatial depth, preferably with an LSC recorded with only a few microphones. In keeping with the celebration of the Offenbach jubilee, I once again pull one of my first reissues off the shelf and place Gaîté Parisienne with the Boston Pops under Arthur Fiedler onto the platter of my Avance. Already the first few tones reveal that the recording of the Pablo reissue has to be blamed for the lack of three-dimensionality. The LSC lets easily forget the position of the speakers: A large and deep sound stage opens up in front of the listener. The sound fascinates with a wealth of power and colourfulness. This good I've only witnessed my records in the living room once before: That happened when testing the Aurorasound Vida – starting at a price tag of a respectable 4,000 euros.

The load capacities, as well as several capacitors throughout the circuitry, originate from Wima
The load capacities, as well as several capacitors throughout the circuitry, originate from Wima

Keith Jarrett's "God Bless The Child" carries me away with its drive, in the opening sequence you can hear exactly the use of the dampers, while the double bass and the bass drum come with power and yet contoured, forming the ideal counterpart to snare and hi-hat, which sometimes might turn out a bit too brilliant in minimally bright sounding configurations: In this regard the Lyra and the Keces make a perfect team by simply avoiding it. Very nice. Finally, I listen to a record that seemed indispensable to me in the 80's in almost all – private – tests: Chuck Mangione’s Children Of Sanchez. It’s quite surprising how coherent and free of any gimmickry the vocals now sound through this system. The kettledrums and the brass figures haven’t lost anything of their drama. The Sphono is a great way to reminisce as well: It reveals new details without even affecting the emotional impact of the composition. With Keces’ S-class it's tremendous fun to be taken on the one or other nostalgic discovery trip!

The Spower acts as the energy supply for the Sphono
The Spower acts as the energy supply for the Sphono


Even if you don’t have four tonearms operational, don’t want to switch between RIAA or IEC de-emphasis characteristic , or don’t need a subsonic filter, a special feature however makes the Sphono everybody's darling: the three additional, higher load resistances and the ability to assign all values in any combination thereof. Even owners of cartridges with higher internal resistance values, now loose all their arguments against the purchase of the Sphono – but win two weighty ones instead: its detailed, open sound full of enthusiasm and emotion, crowned by its still customer-friendly price-performance-ratio!
Listened with (listening room)
Turntable Brinkmann LaGrange with tube power supply
Tonearms SME V, Einstein The Tonearm 12
Cartridges Transrotor Tamino, Einstein The Pickup
Phono preamp Einstein The Turntable‘s Choice (balanced)
Preamp Einstein The Preamp, Audio Exklusiv
Power amp Einstein The Poweramp
Loudspeakers Goebel Epoque Aeon Fine
Cables Goebel High End Lacorde Statement, Audioquest Thunder, Tornado (HC), Dragon HC
Accessories Audioquest Niagara 5000 and 1000, Clearaudio Matrix, AHP Klangmodul IV G, HMS wall sockets, Acapella Bases, Acoustic System Feet and Resonators, Artesania Audio Esoteryc, Harmonix Real Focus and Room Tuning Disks, SSC Big Magic Base, Audio Exklusiv Silentplugs
Listenend with (living room)
Turntable Brinkmann Avance
Tonearm Breuer Dynamic 8
Cartridge Lyra Titan i
Phono preamp Lukaschek PP1 and SBooster power supply, Keces Ephono
Preamp Brinkmann Marconi
Power amp Einstein The Poweramp
Loudspeakers Acapella Violon VI
Cables Swiss Cables Reference Plus, Habst Ultra III
Accessories Einstein The Octopus, HighEndNovum Multivocal Resonator, Harmonix Feet, Audioquest Jitterbug, Franc Audio Accessories and Acoustic System Feet, Sieveking Quantum Noise Resonator
Manufacturer's Specifications
Keces Sphono
Frequency response 20-20kHz
Harmonic distortions MM <0,002%, MC <0,009%
Signal-to-noise ratio MM 96dB A-gewichtet, MC 82dB A-gewichtet
Input impedance MM 47kΩ, MC variable 56/100/220/470/1200/47000Ω
Input capacity MC100pF, MM 47/100/150/220/330/470pF
Gain 40dB/46dB for MM, 60dB/66dB for MC
Mains supply ±48V and +15V DC (supplied from Sphono Power)
Enclosure 4mm Aluminum
Dimensions (W/D/H) 300/220/66mm
Weight 3,5kg

Sphono Power
Input voltage 110-120V, 60Hz / 220-240V, 50Hz (switchable)
DC output voltage ±48V und +15V
Power consumption 18 watts
Enclosure 4mm Aluminum
Dimensions (W/D/H) 300/220/66mm
Weight 5kg


2,500 Euro
Robert Ross Audiophile Produkte GmbH
Address Alemannenstr. 23
85095 Denkendorf
Phone +49 8466 905030
Email r.ross@robertross.de
Web www.robertross.de

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