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Goebel High End Epoque Aeon Fine

27.11.2020 // Dirk Sommer

The Epoque Aeon Fine in the anechoic measuring room of the Technical University of Deggendorf, Bavaria, where even frequencies of 40 Hertz are still absorbed to 99 percent
The Epoque Aeon Fine in the anechoic measuring room of the Technical University of Deggendorf, Bavaria, where even frequencies of 40 Hertz are still absorbed to 99 percent

Nevertheless there still exists a narrow frequency band where the Goebel speakers interact with my room, culminating in a slight coloration. My colleague Helmut Baumgartner, who had already given me some advice on how to optimize loudspeakers, recommended to experiment a little with the set-up, since the tiled floor with the underfloor heating underneath would be anything but advantageous for the sound. With this in mind, the principle of decoupling instead of coupling would probably be the method of choice. A series of experiments followed: with the finite elemente Carbofibre° HD, corkboards and a combination of both. The cork, applied with or without Carbofibre°, got the Aeon tamed in the presence range and let you indulge lots of bass - but also tended to let the imaginary stage shrink a lot. The Aeons simply seemed to be slowed down. Thereafter Oliver Goebel mentioned that his Hong Kong distributor uses to recommend the Revopods of the British manufacturer Arya Audio for the placement of his loudspeakers. Two weeks later, two sets of these damping feet arrived to my listening room. They sound slightly different depending on whether they are put to direct contact with the speaker's plinth or if there is a silicone ring or disk in between. But that's another story. Thanks to the Revopods, I am now entirely happy with the Epoque Aeon Fine. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the attempts at optimization didn't continue: Screws to connect the plinth with the Revopods and Ansuz' Darkz feet have already been ordered...


I have now lived with the Goebel High End Epoque Aeon Fine for more than a year and a half, and I have come to appreciate it so much both as a working tool and as a piece of enjoyment that I don't want to part with it anymore and therefore bought it a few months ago. Conception, realization, craftmanship and the acoustic achievements in almost all disciplines reside on an extremely high level. Only the homogeneous performance, as well as the expansion and three-dimensionality of the spatial imaging once again stand positively out from this. A loudspeaker to make dreams come true!
Listened with
Turntable Brinkmann LaGrange with tube power supply
Tonearm Thales Simplicity II, Einstein The Tonearme 12“
Cartridge Transrotor Tamino, Lyra Olympos SL
Tape recorder Studer A80
NAS Melco N1Z H60/2, WDMyCloud
Streaming bridge Auralic G1
Up-sampler Chord Electronics Hugo M-Scaler mit Poweradd
D/A converter Chord Electronics DAVE
LAN switch SOtM sNH-10G i with Keces P8, Ansuz PowerSwitch D-TC Supreme
10 MHz clock SOtM SCLK-OCX10 with Keces P8
Pre amp Audio Exklusiv R7, Einstein The Preamp
Endstufe Einstein The Poweramp
Loudspeaker Göbel Epoque Aeon Fine
Cables Goebel High End Lacorde Statement, Audioquest Dragon HC, Tornado (HC) and NRG-Z3, Swiss Cables, SOtM dCBL-BNC, Ansuz Digitalz D-TC Supreme and Mainz D2
Accessories AHP sound module IV G, Audioquest Niagara 5000 and 1200, Synergistic Research Active Ground Block SE, HMS wall sockets, Blockaudio C-Lock Lite, Acapella bases, Acoustic System feet and Resonators, Artesania Audio Exoteryc, SSC Big Magic Base, finite elemente Carbofibre° HD, Harmonix Room Tuning Disks, Audio Exklusiv Silentplugs, Ansuz Darkz D-TC Supreme adjustable, Arya Audio Revopods
Manufacturer's Specifications
Goebel High End Epoque Aeon Fine
Principle Bending wave loudspeaker with impulse compensated passive radiators
Drivers Patended Goebel® Carbon Excellence Aeon bending wave driver, 2 Goebel® aluminum long-throw bass drivers (18cm), 4 Goebel® aluminum long-throw passive radiators (18cm)
Housing Acoustically optimized bulletproof multilayered composite material, solid aluminum acoustic baffle (15mm aluminum), top element completely machined of a solid aluminum block
Finishes Real piano lacquer white with aluminum parts lacquer anodized in natural silver semi-gloss Real piano lacquer black with aluminum parts lacquer anodized in dark space grey semi-gloss
Impedance nominal 4 Ohms
Impedance minimum 2.8 Ohms at 160 Hertz (single-wiring)
Efficiency 86dB/1W/1m
Crossover frequency 160Hz
Frequency response 28-31000Hz
Dispersion range 28-31000Hz (180° frontside), 28-4000Hz (rearside)
Dimensions 43.6x55.7cm (WxD: plinth), 125cm (total height)
Weight 105kg per piece, 135kg per piece incl. flight case
Price per pair 125,000 Euros
Goebel High End
Address Schabweg 4a
82239 Alling/Germany
Phone +49 8141 2255887
Email info@goebel-highend.de
Web www.goebel-highend.de

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