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Transrotor TRA 9

18.11.2020 // Dirk Sommer

The stencil, mounting template and steel rule allow for installation and adjustment of the arm
The stencil, mounting template and steel rule allow for installation and adjustment of the arm

By claiming that the Transrotor arm is easy to adjust, I deprived myself of any excuse that I could have put forward against trying out any other cartridge. Since I want to explore the range of suitable pickups, I will now try a rather exotic system, namely a prototype made by Van den Hul, which carries the designation Colibri-XGW, but differs from the standard Colibri model by the thick, lacquered copper wires that lead from the generator through one side of the wooden L-shaped miniature housing, where they serve as - extremely thin - connection pins. This cartridge is one of the rather light representatives of its kind and requires a tracking force of 1.35 to 1.5 grams. The needle compliance though is not indicated on the hand-lettered wooden box. The Colibri can be perfectly balanced and even the low tracking force can be easily adjusted without having to change the two chromed weight units in the counterweight. I haven't listened to the cartridge for several years, but the sound proves coherent right away. With a tracking force of 1.45 grams and a record with radial offset, the relative movement of the cantilever to the housing is a little too much in my opinion, although this optical impression isn't reflected in the sound. For the Van den Hul, the effective mass of the TRA 9 is at or slightly above the upper limit. Surprisingly, the relative movement decreases significantly as soon as I reduce the tracking force to 1.40 grams. Transrotor's tonearm comes up to show a probable higher flexibility than I would have expected. As to me, teammates such as the Tamino or the ETNA do better match the TRA 9. However, don't be irritated by the fact that the investment required for these ultimate top-class cartridges is almost twice as high as that for the TRA 9: Transrotor's first in-house development does also these full justice!


The Transrotor TRA 9 is excellently crafted, its mechanics are a haptical pleasure to use, it doesn't leave its mark on the music and it enables even extremely high-quality cartridges to develop their full sonic potential. To put it briefly: The TRA 9 is a new shining star on the high-end tonearm horizon!
Listened with
Turntable Brinkmann LaGrange with tube power supply
Tonearms Thales Simplicity II, Einstein The Tonearme 12“
Cartridges Transrotor Tamino, Lyra Olympos SL
Pre amps Audio Exklusiv R7, Einstein The Preamp
Power amps Einstein The Poweramp, Audio Exklusiv R7
Loudspeaker Göbel Epoque Aeon Fine
Cables Goebel High End Lacorde Statement, Audioquest Dragon HC, Tornado (HC) und NRG-Z3, Swiss Cables, Audioquest Dragon BASS und ZERO
Accessories AHP Klangmodul IV G, Audioquest Niagara 5000 und 1200, Synergistic Research Active Ground Block SE, HMS-Wandsteckdosen, Blockaudio C-Lock Lite, Acapella Basen, Acoustic System Füße und Resonatoren, Artesania Audio Exoteryc, SSC Big Magic Base, Finite Elemente Carbofibre°-HD, Harmonix Room Tuning Disks, Audio Exklusiv Silentplugs, Arya Audio Revopods
Manufacturer's specifications
Transrotor TRA 9/2.1
Effective arm length 232,8mm, approx. 9“
Mounting distance Platter center to tonearm pivot point 215mm
Overhang 17,8mm
Offset angle 23,66º
Inner null point 66mm
Outer null point 121mm
Effective mass 18g (medium weight)
Connecting cable Length approx. 130cm
Cable material Pure silver (Van den Hul)
Scope of delivery Tonearm (various finish variants available), Tonearm cable (Van den Hul pure silver, RCA or XLR), 2x Allen key, 2x Height-adjust screw, Electrical stylus pressure gauge, Parallelogram for horizontal alignment, Gauge for drilling hole distance, tonearm center shaft, Steel rule 30cm, Needle-nosed pliers for mounting the cartridge connectors
Preise 4.300 Euro Ausführung Schwarz Matt
4.900 Euro Ausführung Schwarz / Chrom
5.300 Euro Ausführung Schwarz / Gold
5.600 Euro Ausführung Ruthenium
Räke HIFI Vertrieb GmbH
Address Irlenfelder Weg 43
51467 Bergisch Gladbach
Phone +49 2202 31046
Email transrotorhifi@t-online.de
Web www.transrotor.de

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